Los Angeles County Health Survey

Alternate Titles(s): LACHS
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The Los Angeles County Health Survey (LACHS) is a population based telephone survey conducted approximately every three years since 1997 by the Office of Health Assessment & Epidemiology (OHAE) at the Department of Public Health of Los Angeles County. LACHS provides information on adults and children in Los Angeles County about overall health, health care issues, and health indicators of physical and mental well-being.
1997 - Present
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California - Los Angeles
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Limited data tables by topic and year are available online as Excel documents. Trend tables are available and sorted by topic. The L.A. HealthDataNow! Project also provides an automated query system for LACHS analysis survey data. The full LACHS data are available for health related research purposes by entering into a formal research agreement with the Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology (OHAE), under specific guidelines. Requests to use the LACHS data sets are considered on a case-by-case basis.
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