National Longitudinal Study of Youth

Alternate Titles(s): NLSY
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The National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS) are a set of surveys designed to gather information at multiple points in time on the labor market activities and other significant life events of several groups of men and women. The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NSLY) consists of the NLSY79 (nationally representative sample of 12,686 14-22 year olds) and NLSY97 (nationally representative sample of ~9,000 12-16 year olds). NLSY79 respondents were interviewed annually through 1994 and are currently interviewed on a biennial basis. NLSY97 respondents are interviewed on an annual basis.
1979 - Present
Geographic Coverage
United States
Subject Domain
Population Age
Child (2 years - 12 years)
Adolescent (13 years - 18 years)
Adult (19 years - 64 years)
Aged (80 years and over)
Newborn (under 1 month)


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Application Required
All freely available public-use data for both the NYSL79 and NYSL97 must be accessed through the National Longistitudinal Surveys Investigator tool, a web-based search and extraction program for data that allows you to locate, download and create SAS, SPSS, and STATA datasets. Researchers within the United States can apply to BLS for access to geocode files. Upon acceptance of application, and signed letters of agreement, you will be notified that you can order a geocode CD from BLS contractors at the Ohio State University Center for Human Resource Research. There is a separate application process for obtaining confidential data about the original cohorts. Zip Code and Census tract files for NYSL79 and NYSL97 and School Survey Data for NYSL97 are available with approved application, but can be used only at the BLS National Office in Washington, DC.
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