Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

Alternate Titles(s): MEPS
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The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) is a set of large-scale surveys of families and individuals, their medical providers (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.), and employers across the United States. MEPS collects data on the specific health services that Americans use, how frequently they use them, the cost of these services, and how they are paid for, as well as data on the cost, scope, and breadth of health insurance held by and available to U.S. workers. The two major components of MEPS are the Household Component and the Insurance Component
1996 - Present
Geographic Coverage
United States
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Household Component (HC) data are available online (in summary data tables and through downloadable files), on CD-ROM, and, with approved application and fee, at the AHRQ Data Center or at the Census Bureau Research Data Centers (RDCs). Insurance Component (IC) data, not available for public release, are available online in tabular form only and at the Census Bureau RDCs. MEPS Medical Provider Component (MPC) data are available at the AHRQ Data Center only. The Nursing Home Component data files (1996 only) are not available for public use, but researchers with approved projects can access the files at the AHRQ Data Center or at one of the Census Bureau's RDCs.
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