Vizient (formerly University HealthSystem Consortium)

Alternate Titles(s): UHC, University Hospital Consortium, CDB/RM
UID: 10010

Vizient (formerly University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC)) hosts the Clinical Data Base/Resource Manager (CDB/RM), which provides risk-adjusted encounter information and line-item transactional detail in the context of patient outcomes and resource utilization. CDB/RM also provides: comparative inpatient and outpatient data from more than 100 medical centers, affiliated community hospitals, major teaching hospitals and specialty hospital; core measures including patient outcomes data such as mortality, length of stay, complication rates, readmission rates, and hospital acquired conditions; and quality, safety and cost metrics.
1990 - Present
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United States
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Access to Vizient (formerly UHC CDB/RM) data is granted on an individual basis. To access the data, you will first need to request a log-in from the Vizient website. Please select NYU Langone Medical Center as your organization. Once you receive a log-in, you will need to request access to the Clinical Data Base/Resource Manager (CDB/RM). The CDB/RM will be listed under "Tools" on your homepage after you log in. Vizient processes all requests and will grant access as long as the requestee has an NYU Langone email and phone number.
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Microsoft Excel, CSV
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