National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey

Alternate Titles(s): NHANES
UID: 10003

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is a program of studies designed to assess the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the United States. The survey is unique in that it combines interviews and physical examinations. The NHANES interview includes demographic, socioeconomic, dietary, and health-related questions. The examination component consists of medical, dental, and physiological measurements, as well as laboratory tests administered by highly trained medical personnel.
1957 - Present
Geographic Coverage
United States
Subject Domain
Population Age
Child (2 years - 12 years)
Adolescent (13 years - 18 years)
Adult (19 years - 64 years)
Senior (65 years - 79 years)
Aged (80 years and over)


Free to All
NHANES data is available on the website and is organized by year. Each year of NHANES data provides users with analytic guidelines, response rates, population totals and a web tutorial. Users can download demographics, examination, laboratory, questionnaire, and limited access data directly from the website. Selecting a dataset using the DOC file will take users to a description of that dataset including the data documentation, codebook, frequencies. Selecting the Data file will download the dataset in .XPT or RDC format.
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